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Paul Brindle
Lapin nain
Lapin nain

Localisation : UK
Nbr de messages : 1
Carottes : 2568

MessageSujet: Connection Timeout   Ven 10 Fév 2012 - 21:21

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up my Nabaztag:tag rabbit for the first time. I bought it some years ago but could never get it connected. I'm trying again now that the revival emails have come through.

Steps I've tried
1. Holding the button down and connecting the rabbit (he turns all blue)
2. Connecting to the Nabaztag network (all good)
3. Accessing (ERROR - Connection timeout)

I've also tried pinging both connected to my internet connection and connected to the Nabaztag network. I receive 4 Request timeouts for both. I have made sure that my firewall is switched off and have even tried ipconfig /renew. Nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help? I'm pulling my hair out!

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Special Nabz
Special Nabz

Age : 43
Localisation : France, Villefranche-sur-Saône, RF, Moscou
Nabaztag : Vivi (v2), Floppy (v2)
Nbr de messages : 1308
Carottes : 3911

MessageSujet: Re: Connection Timeout   Ven 10 Fév 2012 - 21:29

Hello nabzhello1 ,

Have you tried ipconfig/release -->ipconfig/renew?

You can try another device then. Smartphone, tablet or netbook. Sometimes rabbit just doesn't work with certain device. That was my case. Only netbook is working with my rabbits. From all I have at home.
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Gold Nabz
Gold Nabz

Localisation : Nabazland
Nbr de messages : 558
Carottes : 3802

MessageSujet: Re: Connection Timeout   Ven 10 Fév 2012 - 21:54

Nabaztag must be near PC or SmartPhone with WiFi.

Try also with only WiFi network (desactivate Internet connection).

And read my check list here :

NB2: if Nabaztag is full blue LEDs and cannot access to URL,
force Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network WiFi settings of your PC or SmartPhone as follow :
IP Address = / Subnet mask = / Default gateway = / Preferred DNS Server =
(instead of DHCP = "Obtain IP Address automatically")
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MessageSujet: Re: Connection Timeout   

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