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 problem with email checking.. how to reset ?

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Lapin nain
Lapin nain

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MessageSujet: problem with email checking.. how to reset ?   Ven 14 Sep 2007 - 17:50

topic says all...
my bunny says i have 2 unread messages at my email box (2 lights)
but i havent... those 2 messages was allready deleted after reading and now it has been 4days and still showing 2 unread messages...
my email works good but bunny does not now inform me when new messages arrive (if i sent a message to my self it doesnt inform me -> "3 unread messages" nor "1 unread messages" )

how to reset bunny ? (power off doesnt help) OR how else to get rid of this ? thanks for any help t:p =)

edit 15.9.2007
oh well... another useless topic... PROBLEM SOLVED ! nabzturnaround

(solution if someone has similar problems : just UNsubscribe email services from nabaztagtag home website and wait for around five minutes and if you want it back then subscribe it again and that was it...)

dammit... another problem occured now... now it shows no messages in my emailbox even there is unread new messages....

PROBLEM SOLVED again! nabzturnaround
(email to violets help&support fixed this)
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problem with email checking.. how to reset ?
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