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 v3 API requests

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v3 API requests Empty
MessageSujet: v3 API requests   v3 API requests Icon_minitimeMer 30 Aoû 2006 - 17:46

If any Nabaztag engineers read this, please consider adding the following capabilities to the v3 API.

- facility to send posleft/posright ear commands without playing any audio sounds. These sounds are distracting to those of us who want to use the device as an ambient monitoring system. This doesn't even need to be in the API, it could be an option in the main control centre, to say "I don't want ear movements to play a jingle". It would be better as an API command though.
- facility to illuminate individual LEDs with a particular colour and make them stay that way continuously without the need for extra commands. If this clashes with the weather service then so be it, that would be a small price to pay for an extra 5 outputs on our rabbit! Again, lights should be able to be illuminated silently. Example use: each LED could represent a particular network device, with the colour showing their current status (green for OK, red for a problem etc).
- enhance the above LED functionality by allowing continuously looped sequences. This would allow an infinite number of messages to be displayed (assuming one has a good memory and colour perception yellownabzsmile )
Example use: The five LEDs could represent 5 friends, and the colour and pulsing of their LED could signify their current mood.
- facility to send text-to-speech messages that never cause an e-mail alert, either to the sender or the recipient.
- volume control on TTS messages.

If anyone else has any requests, please add them to this thread!


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v3 API requests
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