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 I cannot connect my bunny

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Lapin nain
Lapin nain

Localisation : Pologne
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MessageSujet: I cannot connect my bunny   Ven 14 Juin 2013 - 18:45

Hello all,

I have a Nabaztag:Tag at home which was never used and I wanted to run it for the first time.
I'm following all the instructions you provided for the English speaking users but the bunny won't connect to the servers at all. The network - Nabaztag B7 - is recognized but I cannot take any step further.
I tried all the possible server addresses (, The lights on the bunny never went green or violet - they switch to orange after I click Update.

Maybe this will help:

Version of the rabbit: Nabaztag:tag
Your service provider: local network
Router: external router
Type of security WPA
Operating system (OS) of your device (computer or other): Windows Vista
Chosen server (eg OpenJabNab, Nabizdead, OpenNag, ...):,

Colors of the rabbit
led belly left: orange blinking
led belly center: orange
led belly right: orange
LED nose: orange
LED below: no light

Fixed IP address or dynamic (DHCP): fixed

Operations already made on the rabbit and the network: trying to connect to the Nabaztag server yellownabzwink

Thank you!
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Lapin nain
Lapin nain

Age : 53
Localisation : Oslo, Norway
Nbr de messages : 19
Carottes : 2665

MessageSujet: Re: I cannot connect my bunny   Mer 19 Juin 2013 - 15:21

The server is removed from DNS, see
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Kryptonite Nabz
Kryptonite Nabz

Age : 36
Localisation : Bruxelles
Nabaztag : RyoOhki (V1), Meroko (V2), Iori (V3)
Nbr de messages : 7127
Carottes : 11266

MessageSujet: Re: I cannot connect my bunny   Mer 19 Juin 2013 - 15:33

The domain has been paied and is working again so that's not the problem...
If it's the left belly led that's blinking, it means your rabbit can't see your Wifi network...
Try to put your rabbit and your router in the same room and return to the rabbit's configuration page (making the rabbit blue, etc).
Your wifi should be visible in the networks list : select the correct line then make a screenshot and send it here.
If you have something typed into the "Or enter your SSID" (or something like this), please completely remove the content of this input box.
Then retry and check if something changes on the lights or not.


Compagnie de reconstitution historique (essentiellement médiévale) en belgique :
Tartes et Bastons ASBL

(Suis nouveau sur MN donc plein de mangas encore à ajouter et mes DVDs à mettre aussi yellownabzwink)
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MessageSujet: Re: I cannot connect my bunny   

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I cannot connect my bunny
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