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 Connecting to the page...

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Lapin nain
Lapin nain

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MessageSujet: Connecting to the page...   Sam 24 Juin 2006 - 22:17

I need help here. How do I connect to the page? Is there some kind of documentation that describes how to do it?

I have set my laptop to AdHoc mode on the wifi network card, no security and 54g.. Tried auto channel, and also every other channel manually.. The nabaztag starts like normal, blinks some green and orange, and then turns to blinking all leds orange...

Please advice.. I just want to get in there and see what options there are on the internal page...

It would have been more efficient if it were just set up to show the admin page when just connected to the network in a normal manner...
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Lapin nain
Lapin nain

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MessageSujet: Re: Connecting to the page...   Mar 27 Juin 2006 - 0:07


No expert but I think to access this you have to put the nabaztag into its default mode.

Unplug all power from nabaztag, hold down button and plug power back in. Let go of button when all lights are blue.

Then get your laptop and scan for wireless networks you should see one call nabaztagXX. Join it then should be available. There isn't much in there though, just some basic network settings.
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Connecting to the page...
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