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 Nabaztag News Flash : Violet's progress on services

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Nabz Junior
Nabz Junior

Localisation : Paris
Nabaztag : Gob
Nbr de messages : 51
Carottes : 6265

Nabaztag News Flash : Violet's progress on services Empty
MessageSujet: Nabaztag News Flash : Violet's progress on services   Nabaztag News Flash : Violet's progress on services Icon_minitimeLun 8 Jan 2007 - 20:27

- « E-mailing messages to a rabbit » service is reactivated :
Each Nabaztag has his own e-mail address ( When someone sends an e-mail to this address, the receiving rabbit will read the subject line of the message.
When you attach an MP3 to an email address to a rabbit, the rabbit will play it.

Note : To prevent rabbit-spam, the person sending the rabbit a message must be doing it from an email address that has been registered on a Nabaztag account (with or without a rabbit).

- Voice recognition (beta) :
The voice recognition has been in test stages since Friday for about a hundred Nabaznauts. It will be made available to all Nabaztag/tags effective this week.
In this regard, the rabbit’s behavior when pressing his button for a prolonged period had been modified (thanks to one of the special upgrades). When you press and hold down the button, his nose will turn red. Wait until the red light turns off to give your rabbit an order, then let go when you have finished speaking.

- Deployment of special upgrades for Nabaztag/tag :
This morning, we deployed some special upgrades especially for Nabaztag/tags. These updates will correct some of the rabbit’s behavior (most notably, the base that glows alternately in violet and orange).
To update your rabbit, just unplug him and plug him back in.

- Rabbit behavior / Blinking nose
When your rabbit played you a Nabazmood or a service (ie.- weather), his nose blinked in the same manner as when you received a message.
This has been corrected and from now on the nose will only blink violet when you have received a message.

When you press the button once, you will replay the message. After replaying the message three times, the message will be archived and the nose will stop blinking.

To archive a single message manually, double-click the button while the message is playing.

To archive ALL your received messages at once, double-click the button while your rabbit is resting and his nose is blinking.

- Correction of bugs in the registration procedure :

In certain cases and for certain browsers, the registration procedure was failing before taking the rabbit’s serial number. This bug has been fixed.

The API server is stabilizing, and we are working towards its complete 24/7 availability.

- E-mail alert :

We have noted the major dysfunctions in the e-mail alert service. These bugs have been identified and corrected. We are currently testing the new version of this service in-house and it will be released to the community soon.

- RSS feeds and Nabcasts :

The RSS feed reader was also a service that needed a complete rehaul, and like e-mail alerts, we are carefully testing the service before its release.

We are also working on reactivating the complete list of Nabcasts which, for the moment, are only partially working.

And finally, just a little message to our detractors : Be assured, we are not jumping ship. Just the contrary, we are working like mad to get everything back on track so that everyone may benefit fully and as quickly as possible from their rabbits’ functionalities.
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Nabaztag News Flash : Violet's progress on services
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